Fairbanks Summer Camp Trip 2018

WFR Canyon June 2018

Where: Washington Family Ranch Canyon, Antelope, OR
When: June 17-23, 2018
Cost: $1600
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​Join us for a week-long adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime.  Meet folks from all over the USA, eat great family-style meals, enjoy breath-taking views, sit in the sun, play in the lake, have fun at Club every night, and talk about the deeper things in life.
What are you waiting for?! Grab some friends and get ready for the best week of your life!

Payment Details

$1600 Camp fees include airfare, camp T-shirt, camp fee, bus fee, and a share of Volunteer Leader costs.


Start with a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot, pay $500 by April 1st, and pay in full by June 9th. Due to financial concerns campers must pay in full in order to go to Camp. Feel free to make regular payments at Camp Meetings, online using the button on this page, and/or join us for fundraising. Contact YoungLifeFairbanks@gmail.com for your Camper's current outstanding balance.


  • The first $100 is non-refundable. Please make Checks out to Young Life, leave the memo blank.
  • April 1st $500 us due to cover airfare and payment for the bus
  • After May 1st only 50% of payments are refundable, and after June 1st no refunds are given.
  • All non-refunded payments can become tax-deductible donations.​ 

Mandatory Camp Meetings

These meetings will be held at The Old Eagles Hall (200 First Ave.) and we will discuss: FAQs, trip details, flight info, fundraisers, and let you get to know the Leaders who will be traveling with the Campers.  

Our first meeting will be Tuesday April 17th at 7:30pm.


Details about Young Life fundraising opportunities will be added in Spring 2018, but don't feel the need to wait until then to get started!

Talk with your Young Life Leader about "Flocking" and start raising money right now.  Writing letters to family out of state about Camp plans is another great way to raise some money as well.  Get creative!​

Financial Assistance

Matching Fund assistance is given up to a maximum of $600 and the Camper is strongly encouraged to attend all fundraising events. This assistance is given at the discretion of the Area Director.​  Questions? Call or Email Andrew Cooper (907) 347-9374, ar.cooper@live.com​

Travel Details

Meet at Fairbanks Airport 9pm Saturday, June 16th and return early morning Sunday, June 24th
  • Departing Fairbanks June 16th - AK Air flight 132 at 11:59pm (arriving 4:34 am June 17th in Seattle) 
  • Journey Lines bus company drives between the airport and Camp
  • Arriving in Fairbanks June 24th - AK Air flight 103 at 2:05am (leaving Seattle 11:20pm June 23rd)

If you get your own airplane ticket, the cost for camp is reduced to $1400 and the decision must be made by April 1st.  Tickets must have the Camper arrive in Seattle before 6:30am June 17th and depart after 9pm June 23rd.  Email itineraries to younglifefairbanks@gmail.com by May 1st to allow time for the Staff to review the details and ensure the above travel parameters have been met.​

We will do everything to assist in making arrangements for missed flights, but any costs associated with re-booking is entirely the Campers responsibility.  We highly encourage Campers to travel with the group and not make their own flight arrangements.​​​  

Young Life Camp is available to all teens regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc.​


Young Life Fairbanks | PO Box 80786 Fairbanks, AK 99708-0786

Phone: (907) 456-7029

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